Original ‘Mitsubishi Eclipse’ from ‘Fast 1’ Is sold to a Fan for $130,000

One of Paul Walker’s cars from the Fast and Furious franchise will be going up for auction in January.

Walker was a part of the massive action franchise from the beginning, starring 2001’s The Fast and the Furious alongside Vin Diesel. Although he did not appear in the third film, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, which was a standalone film that actually takes place much later in the franchise’s chronology than many of the sequels, he appeared in every other entry up until Furious 7.

Tragically, Paul Walker was killed in a car crash in November 2013 before the filming of Furious 7 could conclude. The production, which was being directed by James Wan, created 350 additional shots using archival footage and stand-in performances by Walker’s two brothers. The remainder of the films in the series have Walker’s character Brian O’Conner alive but offscreen, happily living with his family away from the adventures of the rest of his gearhead crew.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse makes a grand entrance in the movie with Paul Walker behind the wheel in the first racing scene. It is a popular car in the Hollywood car history which is why every car enthusiast recognizes it as soon as it enters the scene. Today, there are only four cars that were made for the role and still managed to survive. The first one, which was the hero of the movie, goes for more than $130,000. The second one, which was only used to take interior shots, is not actually a car because it doesn’t have wheels while the 3rd and 4th models played the role of simple stunts. None of the cars suffered serious damage and were even used in the Too Fast Too Furious movie. They were bought by Volo Auto Museum who later sold them to their fans.

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