Mia’s Entire Fast & Furious Timeline Explained

Following Letty’s funeral, Mia is called in by the FBI for questioning as the agents hope she’ll lead them to Dom. But when he sees Mia, Brian arranges for her to be released and cautions her to stay away from Dom, worried that she’ll be arrested too. Mia, however, isn’t nearly as ready to put the past behind them as Brian appears to be, and she lets him know just how angry she is at him for lying to her and Dom five years earlier. However, with Brian and Dom now pursuing similar goals, Mia gradually begins to warm back up to Brian.

Brian reveals that Letty was actually working for him when she was killed, trying to clear Dom’s name. The two decide to team up again to bring down the man who killed Letty, which requires them to leave for Mexico on a dangerous mission. Before they depart, Mia and Brian finally resume their romantic relationship. After learning the true identity of Brian O’Conner and learning that Dom has had to go on the run, Mia decides to pack up and move away, starting a new life on her own.

Although Brian tells her he’s resigned from the LAPD after letting Dom go, she refuses to give him another chance, not willing to let him hurt her again. Although Dom remains on the run, he never loses contact with his sister, who keeps him informed of significant developments during his periodic check-ins.

This can be a little risky since the FBI keeps Mia under surveillance, but it proves important when Mia gets word that Dom’s ex-girlfriend, Letty, has been killed in a car accident. After telling Dom of her death, Mia goes with him to the site of the accident, and the two of them later attend her funeral, although Mia is the only one who can actually show her face

Based on what Mia tells him and what he finds at the scene, Dom embarks on a quest to track down Letty’s killer. Of course, this puts him back in Brian’s orbit, who’s now working for the FBI.

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